Steve Dubin Tennis



                                                Background and Influences

My most influential tennis mentor was the late USPTA Master Tennis Professional Alan Carvel. As Alan’s protege at Saddle and Cycle Club in the early eighties, I learned that creativity and visual techniques were crucial to effective teaching. While working with AIan, I picked up many valuable tricks of the trade that I still utilize in my teaching today. I will always be greatly indebted to Alan and the time I spent with him.

In my formative years of teaching I was fortunate enough to work with and under some of our countries finest tennis educators. My philosophy and teaching style was greatly influenced by all of them and I thank them for their kindness and generosity. I would not be where I am today without them.

In the nineties I taught at Score Tennis Academy in Countryside, Illinois under former Italian Davis Cup coach Jim Fannin. Jim’s highly successful teaching system incorporates (S)elf Discipline, (C)oncentration, (O)ptimism, (R)elaxation, and (E)njoyment also had a positive impact and influence on my teaching.

As a coach I am constantly trying to improve and think of new ways to help my students achieve their goals. I believe this is what has kept me fresh and excited about teaching after so many years. I work hard on staying current with our ever changing game as I believe this crucial. 


Steve understands the game and can  make it simple for all levels.His pleasant and cool demeanor makes taking a lesson from him fun while his insight accelerates the learning process for each student he teaches. Everyone he taught for me loved his style and expertise. His passion for the game is boundless. Steve is the consumate tennis professional.

     Jim Fannin

   Former Italian Davis Cup coach, Former owner of SCORE Tennis facility,motivational coach countless professional athletes.

I consider myself a student of the game, teacher, coach, mentor, and a friend to all my students.

It has been a privilege and an honor to be a part of so many lives through teaching tennis. I have truly been blessed.

                                  See you on court!




USPTA Certified Professional with over forty years teaching experience.

Played high school tennis, college tennis, and extensive junior and adult tournaments.

Author of instructional articles for Tennis Magazine

Member of the Head-Penn Advisory staff.

  1. Developed HHF (head, hands and feet) a proven system that incorporates the mental game, stroking techniques, and footwork.

  1. Developed “Stations” a methodology that produces sound, effective strokes at an any stage of  learning.

  1. Developed: “Zonal Tennis” series of drills and games devised to increase confidence and prepare player for successful match play.

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